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The Diploma provides the essential foundation and skills needed in developing expertise in the field of Shariah judiciary and advocacy practice in Malaysia. This Diploma provides an excellent foundation for anyone seeking to develop and further their profession in Shariah judiciary and advocacy practice. It is designed to produce postgraduates who are capable of dealing with complex legal issues faced in the contemporary world and able to identify the issues and propose solution from the Islamic perspectives. Complement the substantive and procedural knowledge and skills on the Malaysian Syariah judiciary and advocacy practice for graduates proposing to specialise in Syariah practice in Malaysia.


  • Understand, identify, analyse the legal issues and apply the relevant Syariah and fiqh principles in resolving current problems in Shariah Legal Practice.
  • Use appropriate research method in conducting research in resolving Syariah cases including the use of various sources and modern technology.
  • Draft legal documents and opinion based on relevant principles of Syariah and fiqh and conduct mal or criminal cases in Syariah courts.
  • Conduct negotiations, communicate effectively, prudently and credibly in disseminating information, based on Syariah and fiqh principles to resolve any given problem.
  • Apply the ethics and etiquette of the Syariah legal profession.
  • Manage Syariah legal practice and other areas of practice with accountability, adopt good leadership qualities, inculcate teamwork in leading members of the firm in providing quality and reliable legal services.


1. Possess a Bachelor of Law with Honours [LL.B. (Hons)] Degree from Local Universities which are recognized by IIUM; or

2. Possess a Bachelor of Shariah Degree from any Universities which are recognized by IIUM; or

3. Possess a Bachelor of Law [LL.B.] Degree recognized by IIUM and the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP); or

4. Any other qualification approved by IIUM, and

5. Pass at the SPM level or equivalent with at least a Credit in Bahasa Malaysia or equivalent


1 1/2 years (3 Semesters)
Class Schedule: Saturday (9am - 5.00pm)

Medium of Instruction

Bahasa Melayu


1. Sistem Perundangan Islam

2. Sistem Undang-undang Malaysia

3. Instrumen Perancangan Harta Islam & Pentadbiran Pesaka

4. Undang-undang Jenayah Islam

5. Undang-undang Keterangan Islam

6. Kepeguaman & Etika

7. Undang-undang Keluarga Islam

8. Isu Undang-undang Perlembagaan

9. Prosedur Jenayah Mahkamah Syariah

10. Prosedur Mal Mahkamah Syariah

11. Undang-undang Muamalat dan Pelaksanaannya

Programme Fee

RM 15,552.50 (Malaysian)