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This programme is designed to produce professionals who are qualified in Shari'ah law to serve the judicial and legal services in the Muslim world. The programme aims to develop graduates with mastery of the various aspects related to administration of Islamic Law. They are expected to be able to view the existing laws from the conventional and Islamic perspectives and solve various legal problems at the national and global levels.

The courses provide candidates strong grounding in legal research skills and training which will be useful for those wishing to practice in shari'ah advocacy and judiciary. They are given relevant and up-to-date information about contemporary and emergent theoretical, empirical and policy related developments in the field of administration of Islamic Law.

The students are trained to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and ability to manage issues posed to the Institutions administering Islamic affairs in a professional manner, including resolving the anomalies in any given issues in the spirit of harmonisation of Shari'ah and civil law to promote efficient and effective implementation of Shari'ah principles.


  • Requires on-campus study 


Entry Requirement

Academic Requirement

  • Bachelor of Laws with Honours (LL.B Hons) Degree; OR
  • Bachelor of Shari'ah [or its equivalent Degree (for LL.M in Administration of Islamic Law)]; OR
  • Any other Degree with two years working experience in the related field; OR
  • Any other equal qualification approved by IIUM.

Language Requirement (English)

  • TOEFL with score of 600 or IELTS with score of 6.0; OR
  • IIUM-administered English Placement Test (EPT) with score of 6.0; OR
  • Provide proof of attending prior education in English-medium institutions.

Language Requirement (Arabic)

  • Only for candidates who wants to take a subject under the Master of Administration of Islamic Law in Arabic.

Duration of Study

Full time

Part time


1 1/2 academic year

(3 semesters)


1 1/2 academic year

(3 semesters)


3 academic years

(9 semesters)


3 academic years

(9 semesters)

Medium of Instruction

English | Arabic (on demand)


September | January | May

Compulsory Subjects:

1. Administration of Islamic Affairs

2. Contemporary Issues in Islamic Jurisprudence

3. Research Methodology and Legal Writing

4. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Islamic Law

5. Principles of Islamic Finance

6. International Law and Its Impact on Administration of Islamic Law

7. Al-Siyasah Al-Syari'yyah

8. Administration of Islamic Judiciary

Elective Subjects:

(Choose 2 of the following subjects or Write Dissertation)

1. Islamic Textual Study (Arabic)

2. Islamic Legal Maxims and Their Contemporary Applications

3. Islamic Wealth Management

4. Islamic Family Law

To apply for admission into the academic programmes run by the Academy, please click HERE .