The convocation Multimedia Cards are to be collected during the collection of robes. Graduands are required to print the Invitation and Multimedia Card Form and bring it when collecting the robe.

Please take note that the pronunciation of names for the Convocation Multimedia Card is based on the name as presented in the Senate at the time of Senate endorsement of graduation list. 

Please make sure you bring your cards with you during your session of the convocation. If you fail to do so, your name will NOT appear on the screen and your name will NOT be called out when you receive your scroll on the stage.

A penalty of RM10.00 will be charged to graduands who forget to bring their Convocation Multimedia Cards on their convocation.

For replacement of Convocation Multimedia Cards (with a penalty of RM10.00), please go to:

     Multimedia Smart Card Counter (Robe Counter), ICC

     Date: 23rd November 2019 - 26th November 2019

     Time: 7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Please be informed that all Graduands are advised to check their seating arrangement in the hall for the coming 35th IIUM Convocation Ceremony. The samples of seating arrangements are as follows:


Please bring the number (1R1 OR 1L3) for 'Graduands Procession' before entering the hall.

For information on seating arrangements, please click here.

The following is the procedure that needs to be observed to ensure the smooth running of the convocation ceremony.

1. Conferment of degree by President of IIUM

The Dean of IIUM Academy of Graduate and Professional Studies will announce the degree to be conferred by President of IIUM.

2. Going on stage

You will rise after the respective Dean announces the degrees, and walk towards the stage. On stage, you will move towards the President to receive your scrolls.

3. Receiving the scroll

  • There will be an 'X' marked on the floor, in front of the President. This is the place where you should be standing when receiving your scroll;
  • Walk towards the President and stop on the 'X' mark, bow with respect to the President; and
  • Accept the scroll with both hands, move one step backward, bow, side-step to the left, hold your scroll on your right side with your right arm and walk back to your seat.


Note: You must remain seated after receiving your scroll. Please observe the Etiquettes during the Ceremony.

You are not allowed to leave the hall when the ceremony is in session. This is to ensure that the Ceremony proceeds in an orderly manner.

To ensure the ceremony is conducted solemnly with dignity and honour, we would appreciate if you could give your full cooperation to strictly observe the rules and etiquette listed below. Please also remind your guests/parents to the same rules and etiquette:

  1. Graduates and guests/parents are advised to wear appropriately in accordance with the function.
  2. Graduates and guests/parents are NOT to leave the hall or move about during the ceremony.
  3. Graduates and guests/parents are advised to have their breakfast/meals before entering the hall.
  4. Graduates and guests/parents are advised to use the restroom before the ceremony begins to minimize disruption during the ceremony.
  5. Only officially appointed photographers are allowed to take photographs or any form of audio-visual recording.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

This video will give you an explanation of the convocation ceremony.

Will be updated soon.