Degree Preparatory Programme

The Degree Preparatory Programme is designed to provide a pathway for students to join selected undergraduate programmes of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with proper language and study skills preparation. It is open for qualified candidates with diploma/matriculation certificates.

Programme Details

3 - 6 months (depends on the students' level of English/Arabic)

June and October intake

Basic requirement

Fulfil the IIUM entry requirements for Bachelor degree

English requirement

Minimum of Band 4* for English Placement Test (EPT)

Arabic requirement

Minimum of Band 4* for Arabic Placement Test (APT)

*For the six-month programme.

Band 5 is required for the three-month programme


1.      English and/or Arabic proficiency modules

2.      Study skills module

Thank you for your interest in enrolling for this programme. To apply for admission, please click on the link below for the online application form.

Note: Only application with complete information shall be processed. Any incomplete submission may lead to rejection of the application.