Master of Halal Industry Management (Research Mode)

The aim of this programme is to offer graduates of different disciplines an opportunity to acquire knowledge and practice in the broad field of research and innovation in halal industry.

The programme is by research, hence the main requirement for graduation is to prepare a thesis that is of acceptable standard to the examiners. However, during their study, students are also required to undergo certain courses to develop their knowledge and skills in areas that are important for the understanding of the halal industry.

Programme Details

  1. To provide highly qualified human resource with comprehensive knowledge in the field of halal industry to meet the high demands of the market for such experts.
  2. To strengthen the theoretical and technical methodologies in the broad field of halal industry practices.
  3. To enhance the educational standards of halal education and research and project IIUM as a reference centre for halal research and innovations on the world stage.

Minimum one year (two semesters) and maximum three years (six semesters) for international students

Students will be enrolled on a remote candidature basis, which requires minimal residence in Malaysia. In this mode, students are required to report to IIUM Campus for only three weeks in each academic year. (This requirement is waived as long as the COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place).

The courses of the programmes carry no credit hours since the main requirement for obtaining the degree is the fulfilment of the thesis requirement.

In terms of course delivery, teaching will be delivered online with a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous components.

For thesis preparation, a supervisor will be assigned by INHART to each student and students will meet their supervisors through video conferencing to plan and discuss their research and thesis writing.

  1. A relevant Bachelor's degree (honours) from IIUM or any other accredited institution of higher learning;
  2. A Bachelor's grade of CGPA 2.75 and above or its equivalent;  
  3. A suitable research proposal relevant to halal industry.
  4. An English proficiency score of Band 6 on IELTS or 79 points on TOEFL IBT.  (However, applicants who have neither may sit for IIUM's English Placement Test and obtain Band 6 in lieu of the required IELTS or TOEFL score).

University Required Course

Course CodeCourse Title
RKGS 7000

Values, Technology and Society

INHART Required Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
HART 7101Research Methodogy in Halal Research
HART 7197


INHART Audit Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
HART 7102Advanced Study on Legal and Administrative Control
HART 7201Halal Industry and Advanced Techniques and Analyses
HART 7202Fiqh 1 for Halal Industry Products and Services

  • Fulfil the language entry requirements
  • Pass the proposal defense
  • Meet the minimum criteria of publication based on Publication Equivalence (PE) of 0.6
  • Pass the thesis
Types of PublicationsPE Value
Indexed Journal1
Non-indexed Journal0.7
Indexed Conference Proceeding0.6
Poster and Non-Indexed Conference Proceeding0.3