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Foundation in Engineering and Computer Science

The foundation programmes at IIUM ACADEMY are designed to provide students with the required knowledge and necessary skills to prepare them for entry into the degree programmes offered by the various Kulliyyah's (faculties) at IIUM.

Entry into IIUM's Foundation programmes is open to Malaysian and international students but admission processing is handled separately according to applicant's nationality and qualification. The following table shows where applicants should apply in view of their nationality and qualification:

No.Applicant's CategoryQualification UsedAdmission Processing OfficeApplication Form
1Bumiputera MalaysianSPM 2020IIUM Academy
Click here
2Non-Bumiputera MalaysianSPMIIUM AcademyClick here
3Malaysian (Bumi and non-Bumi)GCE O-Level or other equivalent qualifications
IIUM AcademyClick here
4International studentsSPMIIUM AcademyClick here
5International studentsGCE O-Level or other equivalent qualifications
IIUM AcademyClick here

Students who have successfully completed this foundation programme and achieved a minimum CGPA of 2.5 will be offered admission into one of the following undergraduate degree programmes:

1.B.Eng in Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering
2.B.Eng in Communications Engineering
3.B.Eng in Electronic-Computer & Information Engineering
4.B.Eng in Mechatronics Engineering
5.B.Eng Aerospace Engineering
6.B.Eng Automotive Engineering
7.B.Eng Manufacturing Engineering
8.B.Eng Materials Engineering
9.BSc. Eng. (Hons.) in Civil Engineering

Programme Details


1. Minimum Grade C in English, AND

2. Minimum Grade B in the following subjects :

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Additional Mathematics


3. Minimum Grade C in Chemistry

1. Minimum Grade C+ in Bahasa Melayu, AND

2. Minimum Grade B in the following subject:

  • English
  • Any Islamic Religious subjects


3. Minimum Grade C in History, AND

4. Minimum Grade A- in Mathematics, AND

5. Minimum ONE (1) Grade B and TWO (2) Grade C+ in the following subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Additional Mathematics

Minimum duration : 1 year (3 semesters)

Maximum duration : 2 years (6 semesters)