IIUM Academy


The Master of Human Sciences in Political Science programme aims to develop graduates with a masterful grasp of complex theories, ideas and other scholarly contributions in the area of Political Science. The programme covers political thought, comparative politics, international relations, and public administration.

Programme Objective

To develop highly qualified human resource with masterful grasp of theories, ideas and scholarly contributions in political thought, comparative politics, international relations, and public administration.

To inculcate Islamic and universal values of goodness in the study of politics to contribute toward solutions for problems facing the nation, the Muslim ummah and mankind at large.

To nurture leaders committed to positive change and progress with a strong sense of responsibility for social justice and human dignity.

Programme Outcome

Ability to apply practical skills related to political science in normal contexts as well as in new situations through insightful adaptation.

Ability to apply knowledge in a socially responsible manner for the progress of the nation and the ummah.

Ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds with empathy and admirable leadership qualities.

Ability to critically analyse theories and ideas in political science in a way that demonstrates mature and independent thinking.

Programme Duration

Normal duration: 2 years

Maximum duration: 3 years

Curriculum Structure

Students will be enrolled in the coursework mode and take courses to complete their studies.

Component No. of Courses Credit hours
Core courses 2 6
Elective courses 8 24
Academic exercise* 2 10
Total   40

*For academic exercise, students will be asked to write two academic articles of about 5000 words each.

The core courses are:

Islamization of Knowledge

Research Methodology

The following are some examples of elective courses:

Comparative Political Systems

Ethnic Politics in Malaysia

Seminar on Political Sociology

Seminar on Social and Political Movements

Theories and Issues in International Relations 

Foreign Policies of  the Major Powers 

The Geopolitics of the Muslim World 

Seminar: Malaysian Foreign Policy

Seminar: Malaysian Political Thought 

Seminar on Knowledge, Power and Culture

Issues in Muslim Political Thought

Seminar: Post-Modern Political Thought

Development Administration

Comparative Public Administration

Globalization and Governance

Public Policy Analysis